The Spiderweb chart is a radar chart that contains both columns and a special type of line chart.

A Spiderweb chart displays data in the form of a two-dimensional chart of three or more qualities represented on axes starting from the same point. This is a good chart to use when, for example, you have asked users to rank an experience or product. You can use a spiderweb chart to examine the relative values for a single data point. You can also use it to locate outliers.

When you build a Spiderweb chart you need to provide at least 3 (three) attributes and one measure. The measure values move from smallest to the outer edge of the web. Each spoke of the web is reserved for one of the variables. The points where each value lies on the web are connected.

The Austin Animal Center Outcomes data shows the outcome of processing. The measure is the count of total animals. By clicking on a spoke, you can see the total animals in any flow. The number of animals that were disposed of, meaning they were (sadly) already deceased on arrival is very small.