There are many locations on the web where you can find help for ThoughtSpot.

There are multiple locations inside and outside the ThoughtSpot application where you can get more help. This page describes some of the ways to get more help inside or outside of the application interface.

Each version of ThoughtSpot has its own documentation set. ThoughtSpot releases new documentation sets for every major release version (x.y) of ThoughtSpot. Documentation features added with minor versions (x.y.z) are added to the corresponding major release. This means, for example, that new documentation for 4.4.1 minor release version appears in the 4.4 major version documentation.

Help menu

You can navigate directly to this site on the web by entering in your browser’s address bar. By default, the latest version (4.4) is presented first. ThoughtSpot versions prior to 4.4 have documentation located at

You can navigate to this documentation from inside the ThoughtSpot application as well. In this case, the application links directly to the documentation version that matches your product version.

From this dialog you can get to the following:

Link Takes you to ...
How search works a short video that explains how to use the Search bar
Keywords a product keyword reference
Release notes The notes for the ThoughtSpot version.
Documentation this documentation set
Downloads a list of software downloads such as connectors

Along the bottom of the Help dialog you’ll see a link to contact Support as well as the version of ThoughtSpot you are using.


Choosing Learn from the Help menu takes a you to the Learn center. The center contains one or more example queries. You can only play replay on data that you have access to.

Click an item in Learn to replay it in ThoughtSpot. During a reply, you can click Pause or Resume or click ESC to exit the replay.

Any administrator can add to the items in the Learn center. To add a replay, do the following:

  1. Search in your search bar.
  2. Choose the pin from the answer that results. The system lists the pinboards you can pin to.
  3. Select Learn how to use ThoughtSpot pinboard.

  4. Navigate to the Learn center to replay your search.

Support contact information

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can ask the ThoughtSpot community a question, or submit a case to ThoughtSpot Support.