You need administrative access to perform the actions discussed in this guide.

You can access ThoughtSpot via SSH at the command prompt and from a Web browser.

Administrative access

Each ThoughtSpot appliance comes pre-built with three default users. You should talk with a ThoughtSpot Customer Success Engineer or ThoughtSpot support, to get the password for each user. The default users are:

Type Username Description
Shell user admin Used for work that requires sudo or root privileges. Does not exist for application login. Logs for this user are found in /usr/local/scaligent/logs logs
Shell user thoughtspot Used for command line work that does not require sudo or root privileges. For example, these users can use tsload, tql, and check the cluster status. This user cannot login to the application. Logs for this user are found under /tmp.
Application user tsadmin Access through a Web browser.


Both the admin and thoughtspot user can SSH into the appliance. Once on the appliance, either user can do any of the following:

The thoughtspot user is restricted to tscli commands that do not require sudo or root privileges.

SSH to the appliance

To perform basic administration such as checking network connectivity, starting and stopping services, and setting up email, log in remotely as the Linux administrator user “admin”. To log in with SSH from any machine, you can use the command shell or a utility like Putty.

In the following procedure, replace <hostname_or_IP> with the hostname or IP address of a node in ThoughtSpot. The default SSH port (22) will be used.

  1. Log in to a client machine and open a command prompt.
  2. Issue the SSH command, specifying the IP address or hostname of the ThoughtSpot instance:
      ssh admin@<hostname_or_IP>
  3. Enter the password for the admin user.
    ThoughtSpot provides a default password for both the admin and thoughtspot shell users. ThoughtSpot recommends that you change the passwords for both these users on first login. Follow your company’s policies on password security.

Sign in to the ThoughtSpot application

To set up and explore your data, access the ThoughtSpot application from a standard Web browser using a username and password.

Before accessing ThoughtSpot, you need:

  • The Web address (IP address or server name) for ThoughtSpot
  • A network connection
  • A Web browser
  • A username and password for ThoughtSpot

    Supported Web browsers include:

    Browser Version Operating System
    Google Chrome 20 and above Windows 7 or greater, Linux, MacOS
    Mozilla Firefox 14 and above Windows 7 or greater, Linux, MacOS
    Internet Explorer 11 Windows 7 or greater

To sign in to ThoughtSpot from a browser:

  1. Open the browser and type in the Web address for ThoughtSpot: http://<hostname_or_IP>
  2. Enter your username and password and click Sign in.