You can designate experts for each data source, so users won't get stuck if they need help.

If your users occasionally struggle to answer a specific question, build a chart you have in mind, or find something in your data, you can enable Ask an expert. This lets them request help from someone in your organization.

The request will go to the person in your company who best know the data source you’re using and how to search it in ThoughtSpot. When the request is answered, the user will be able to see the result in the Answers listing in ThoughtSpot.

You can see how an end user experiences Ask an expert here.

Add an expert to a data source

Adding an expert is what enables Ask an expert to work in your ThoughtSpot instance. Until you do these steps, users won’t see the prompt to Ask an expert when using that data source.

To add an expert to a data source:

  1. Let the expert(s) know to expect user questions to start coming their way in email. If your expert(s) don’t have an email in ThoughtSpot, they will need to check in ThoughtSpot for requested answers.

  2. Click on the name of the worksheet or table from the Data page.

  3. Click the three dot icon in the upper right side of the page and select Manage experts.

  4. Make your selections and click Save.