ThoughtSpot has performed extensive testing on various Google Cloud Platform (GCP) configurations for best performance, load balancing, scalability, and reliability.

You can find information here on which configuration of memory, CPU, storage, and networking capacity you should be running for your instances.

Hardware configurations

GCP provides several storage types and media options. ThoughtSpot requires attached storage and persistent disks. The ThoughtSpot reference implementation uses the Google n1-highmem-64, which is on the higher end of the High Memory Machine types.

The following table summarizes the reference implementation machine type, along with minimum required CPU, memory capacity, and storage.

Machine Type Storage Type Data Capacity vCPUs System Memory Required root volume capacity
n1-highmem-64 zonal SSD attached disks 1x250GB plus two 1TB disks 64 416 GB 200 GB for each node

ThoughtSpot uses only persistent storage options. Instance storage (also known as “local storage”) is not used for ThoughtSpot deployments on GCP.

Data capacity per node

Each GCP n1-highmem-64 machine has 416 GB of memory and can accommodate ~200 GB of ThoughtSpot dedicated data. This size refers to the amount of data in the CSV files you will be loading into ThoughtSpot. The 200 GB number takes into account all replication of data done automatically by ThoughtSpot to provide redundancy and fast performance.

You can start with the minimum platform described here, and add capacity by adding nodes and disks as needed. You can also choose to start off with more data capacity, as long as you know the best fit configuration for your data volume.