You can share worksheets with users or with groups. Sharing a worksheet allows users to select it as a data source and search it.

When you share a worksheet, all of its columns are shared. Sharing a worksheet does not share the underlying tables. If you want to share the underlying tables, see Share tables and columns. A worksheet can be shared by the owner of the worksheet, or by an administrator. Users can start searching a worksheet as soon as the worksheet is shared with them.

To share a pinboard:

  1. Click Data on the top navigation bar and choose Worksheets.

  2. Select one or more worksheets to share, and click the Share icon.

  3. Click + Add users or groups and select users or groups that you want to share with.

  4. Configure the level of access by selecting from the dropdown list. You can select:
    • Can View to provide read-only access. Enables viewing the worksheet and searching on it.
    • Can Edit to allow modification. Enables renaming, modifying filters, or deleting the worksheet and adding or removing its columns. To add columns to a worksheet a user needs access to the underlying table.
  5. Click Add and Save.
  6. Click Done.