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Configure LDAP for Active Directory Use this procedure to set up integration with LDAP using Active Directory.
Configure NAS file system You can use network attached storage to support backup/restore and data loading.
Add the SSL certificate for LDAP Install the certificate to support LDAPS
Configure SAML You can use the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to authenticate users
Set up monitoring Setting up monitoring is a one time operation.
Set the relay host for SMTP (email) To enable alert emails, you'll need to set up a relay host for SMTP traffic.
Configure support services Set up and configure ThoughtSpot support services for your installation.
tscli command reference The tscli command line interface is an administration interface for the ThoughtSpot instance. Use tscli to take snapshots (backups) of data, apply updates, stop and start the services, and view information about the system. This reference defines each subcommand and what you can accomplish with it....