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About data modeling Modeling, tagging, and adding links between your data sources can make the data even easier to search.
Introduction to the User Guide This ThoughtSpot User Guide contains information on navigating and searching data with ThoughtSpot. It assists you with starting new searches, managing your pinboards, and troubleshooting. ThoughtSpot enables you to view and analyze your data through a search-based user interface. You can create your searches quickly and easily, just by typing...
Search bar features The search bar is designed to make it easy for you to identify your search terms.
Work with Answers Answers are the saved results of a search.
What is SpotIQ? SpotIQ is a ThoughtSpot feature that helps you find insights into your data. Insights are trends, correlations, explanations of increases, explanations of decreases, and outliers (values unique from what is typical in your data). Using SpotIQ, you can find interesting answers in your data that you might not have found...