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Convert column data type You can convert the data in a column from one data type to another by issuing a TQL command.
Set up a fiscal calendar year You can customize your fiscal calendar to start in month other than January.
Cannot open a saved answer that contains a formula When working with formulas, keep in mind the data types they return. You may occasionally see unexpected results, or even be unable to open a saved answer, due to problems with data types and formulas. In this scenario, “data type” refers the data type as defined in the column definition...
About date formulas Date functions are useful when you want to compare data collected between two date periods. Date formulas allow you to apply date related functions to your formulas. Date formulas The date formulas include: Function Description...
Change result display options You can change how your search results (answers) appear.
Filtered aggregation functions You can create a filtered aggregation in the search bar.
Time series analysis You can compare across time periods without using a formula.