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These videos guide you through key workflows and features on ThoughtSpot. You may notice slight variations in buttons and icons, depending on whether a video was created on ThoughtSpot 5.0 or 4.5. For new or completely updated features, we provide version-specific videos. (These videos are also published on the ThoughtSpot Product Training YouTube channel.)



An introduction, including how to narrow the scope of a search, change chart types, and use measures, attributes, filters, and keywords.


Visualizations & Chart Types

How to work with charts and tables that show as the result of a search.


Pinboard Filters

How to use pinboard filters to see only the data you care about within the tables and charts of a pinboard.


Use Versus for Comparison

How to do comparative analysis in ThoughtSpot using the versus (or vs) keyword in the Search bar.


Show Growth Over Time

Use the growth keyword to compare current and past data, such as year-over-year sales.


Period Ago and Time Analysis

How to analyze and compare time series data from different periods.


Top n

Identify top or bottom performers using the associated keywords.


Pivot Table Basics

Summarize, rearrange, sort, and filter data in a ThoughtSpot pivot table.


Working with Filters

Use filters to narrow the scope of search results to specific measures, ranges, and attributes.


Working with Pinboards

Drill down, sort, re-organize, and filter on collections of data visualizations on Pinboards.


Uploading Data

Upload and work with custom data in ThoughtSpot CSV files and spreadsheets.


Specialized Visualizations

Deep dive into less commonly used visualizations.


Working with Answers

Save, modify, share, and pin answers.


Exporting Answers and Pinboards

Export search results as answers or pinboards to PDFs, PNG image files, CSV, or Excel files.


Scheduling Pinboards

Schedule pinboards for email distribution to ThoughtSpot users and groups, or colleagues external to ThoughtSpot.


Group Aggregate Formulas

Aggregate measures with granularities and filters different from those of your search terms.


Use Formulas to Create Custom Fields

How to add a formula to create a custom column based on another field in your data.

Videos on ThoughtSpot 4.4


Charts & Pinboards


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Videos on older releases

In this section, you’ll find some additional videos you may find helpful.

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How to search

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Change the table

Wistia video thumbnail

Change the chart

Wistia video thumbnail

Recent searches

Wistia video thumbnail

Show underlying data

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Drill down

Wistia video thumbnail

What am I looking at?

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Conditional formatting

Wistia video thumbnail

Bulk filters

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Pinboard filters

Wistia video thumbnail

Explore pinboards

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Pinboard layout

Wistia video thumbnail

Pivot table

Wistia video thumbnail

County level geo charts

Wistia video thumbnail

Growth of query

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Moving window formulas

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Cumulative formulas

Wistia video thumbnail

Data Connect

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Scheduled pinboards