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You can’t ask Spot to do tricks until you after you invite him to a channel and authorize yourself as a Spot trainer.

Call Spot and make him do tricks

  1. Launch Slack if you haven’t already.
  2. Go to a channel where you want to invite Spot.
  3. Invite @spot like you would invite anyone else.

    Type @spot and press RETURN.

  4. Click invite them to join.
  5. Ask him for help.

    If this is the first time you’ve commanded him, Spot tells you:

  6. Take the clicking here link.

    Spot takes you out of Slack and to the ThoughtSpot application.

  7. Enter your username and password.

    If you do this successfully, the application tells you:

  8. Go back to Slack and ask Spot to list what he does by typing @spot help.

    Spot can run a query directly that’s the **1. ** command.

  9. Try simply listing your subscriptions.

  10. Work your way from a pinboard to asking for a particular chart.

At this point, you should go onto explore your Spot’s talents on your own!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever possible, Spot answers questions for you directly in channel. Here, though, are some frequent questions owners ask.

Can I name my Spot whatever I want?

Sure. This is done by your administrator when the integration is created. Um, I guess the answer is really “ask your parents?”

Spot isn’t fetching what I want, why?

Spot can only fetch “toys” that are have the spot sticker. Your administrator should do this when he sets up ThoughtSpot.

My spot looks different, why is that?

The screenshots in this document were taken on desktop integration of Slack. If you are using mobile device, your interactions with Spot will look different.

How does Spot know you?

The first time you message Spot, it will send back a link which you can click to link your ThoughtSpot account to Slack account. Once the accounts are linked all charts you query from Spot will be tied to your permissions/authorization.

How to subscribe to charts posted to a channel?

Any chart retrieved using spot can be subscribed to, and can have any number of channel/user subscribers.

How do I get the list of Spot commands?

Messaging help to spot gives you a list of commands and how to use them.