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Working with ThoughtSpot, you can configure your installation to work with Slack. Users can use the integration, called Spot, to make queries or view charts. Any users with administrative rights can apply a spot sticker to specific objects. Then, the object is available through Slack.

The first time a user messages Spot, it returns a link to log in to ThoughtSpot. Once a user logs in, the user’s Slack and ThoughtSpot account are associated. Actions a user makes from Slack are tied to the user’s permissions and authorization.

Spot workflow for administration

Here are the high level steps:

  1. Work with [email protected] to install the Spot Slack bot on your cluster.
  2. Log in to ThoughtSpot.
  3. Label answers, pinboards, and other objects with the spot sticker.
  4. Start Spot Bot.
  5. Register Spot bot with your company’s Slack instance.
  6. Register your Spot Slack account to ThoughtSpot.

Relevant tscli commands are here, but these will not work until Spot is enabled by ThoughtSpot Support. Support will work with you to install Spot, and then provide the rest of the workflow to you, including tscli command usage.