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Performance considerations Make sure you understand the performance considerations in your installation.
Data and object security ThoughtSpot provides many features for protecting data. Object Security Object security controls what content users see within ThoughtSpot. Objects are tables, columns in tables, worksheets, pinboards, and saved answers. Users gain access to objects when an object owner shares access with them. Owners can share with individual users or...
About row level security (RLS) Using row level security, you can restrict data that appears in search results and pinboards by group.
Data security Data security refers to which users can see which data in the ThoughtSpot application.
Change inclusion, join, or RLS for a worksheet As long as you have permissions to edit a worksheet, you can always go into it and set a different inclusion rule or join rule.
How the worksheet join rule works Use the worksheet join rule to specify when to apply joins when a search is done on a worksheet. You can either apply joins progressively, as each search term is added (recommended), or apply all joins to every search. Understand progressive joins Often, a worksheet includes several dimension tables...
Row level security rules reference ThoughtSpot allows you to create row level security rules using expressions. If an expression evaluates to “true” for a particular row and group combination, that group will be able to see that row. This reference lists the various operators and functions you can use to create rules. For information on...