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Convert column data type You can convert the data in a column from one data type to another by issuing a TQL command.
How to change a schema After you've created a schema and loaded data, you may find yourself wishing you'd set things up a little differently. You can make changes to the schema, su...
Schema creation examples Simple examples that illustrate how to use the TQL and the ThoughtSpot Loader.
How to write a SQL script Using a SQL script to create your schema is a recommended best practice. This makes it easier to adjust the schema definitions and recreate the schema quickl...
Overview of schema building Before you can load data into ThoughtSpot, you must build a database schema to receive it.
Data types ThoughtSpot supports the common data types.
TQL reference TQL is the ThoughtSpot language for entering SQL commands. This reference lists TQL commands you can use to do things like creating a schema or verifying a data load. About using TQL You can use TQL either through the ThoughtSpot application’s web interface or the command line...