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answer : The result of search saved in the form of visualization such as a table or chart.

filter : A column value added to search. Filters appear in the search bar as a white box.

formula : An expression applying a calculation, usually mathmaticaly, against data.

group aggregation : Aggregating a value by a specific attribute. This is also known as pinned aggregation or a level-based measure.

impression : Impressions are instances a user enters text into a search bar or loads a pinboard. Impressions should go up as users become more comfortable with search.

pinboard : Collections of related answers (search results) that appear as tables or visualizations.

pinned measure : Aggregating a value by a specific attribute. This is also known as group aggregation or a level-based measure.

reportbook : An internal name for a visualization.

search : A query in ThoughtSpot. Called a search because ThoughtSpot queries are intended to enable finding business information as efficiently as an Internet search engine.

token : Text a user can enter in the search bar. For example, keywords, column names, and forumula names are examples of tokens.

user : Individuals that can log into ThoughtSpot (authentication).

visualization : A visual representation of data. In ThoughtSpot, a visualization is the visual representation applied to an answer. In some cases visualization and answer are used interchangeably.

viz : An abbreviation for visualization.