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Where can I find the version of ThoughtSpot I am using?

Users with administrative privileges can see this displayed on the Admin > System Health > Overview page.

I’m not seeing certain columns/values in the drop-down, why?

It could be the index has not built with the latest data or something is causing the column to be dropped.

  • Verify the the column is available using the Data page.
  • View the table columns and check the INDEX TYPE value. If it is set to DONT_INDEX, change it.
  • Check the column’s INDEX PRIORITY &emdash. make sure it is 1.

To learn more about modeling data see modeling data in this documentation.

How do I track progress of current index build?

If you are an administrator, you can use the Admin > System Health > Overview page to see the number of tables currently being indexed. You can also review the

How do I display the features used in my cluster configuration?

  1. Log into the ThoughtSpot cluster as the admin user.
  2. Use the tscli feature subcommand to display your current configuration.

     $ tscli feature get-all-config
     |              NAME               |  STATUS  | CONFIGURATION |
     | Firewall                        | Disabled |               |
     | Saml                            | Disabled |               |
     | Ldap                            | Disabled |               |
     | CustomBranding                  | Disabled |               |
     | CustomBrandingFontCustomization | Disabled |               |
     | DataConnect                     | Disabled |               |
     | RLS                             | Enabled  |               |
     | Callhome                        | Enabled  |               |
     | SSHTunnel                       | Enabled  |               |
     | Fileserver                      | Disabled |               |

Is it possible to create a max(date) filed and set it to filter?

If you have a date field in my set of data and want to return the most recent set of data based on specific date. To do this:

  1. Create a formula called Max Date, for example:

     date = group_max ( date_to_filter_by )
  2. In the search bar, filter your dates by this formula for example:

     max date = true

    This returns only those fields that pass the filter.