You can define formulas and use them to create derived columns in worksheets.
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You create formulas by combining standard functions and operators, column names, and constant values.

Anyone who can create a worksheet can add a formula to it. Formulas are not reusable; the formula you create is associated only with the worksheet it belongs to. A complete list of available formulas and examples of each is available in the Formula function reference.

You can create a formula in a worksheet by using the Formula Builder. When you do this, the result of the formula gets added to the worksheet as a column. Use these steps to create a formula:

  1. Create a new worksheet, or edit an existing one.
  2. Click the + button next to Formulas.


  3. Type your formula in the Formula Builder.

    Note: Formulas elements are color coded by type and can include the formula operators and functions (blue), the names of columns (purple), and/or constants (black).

  4. If you want to change what your formula returns, use the Advanced settings.

    Depending on your formula, you may be able to change:

    • Data type
    • Aggregation type

  5. You can see a list of formula operators with examples by clicking on Formula Assistant.

  6. Name the formula by clicking on its title and typing the new name. Click Save.